Don’t Tread On Us #9 – Season 2 Preparation

After being tread on last season, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again by reinforcing the squad. First, let’s take a look at the roster.

Definitely Out:

  • Zac McMath, who would definitely be in if it wasn’t for the prior GM making a stupid deal with Colorado, so out he goes for the paltry sum of $150,000.
  • Brian Sylvestre, his loan is ending, no need to renew it
  • Jimmy Ockford, rubbish, I made a mistake.
  • Maurice Edu, DPs should not be benchwarmers.
  • Eric Bird, rubbish
  • Andrew Wenger and C.J. Sapong, they’re not good fits for what I want to do and they want too much money
  • Conor Casey, Andrija Novakovich, and Fernando Aristeguieta – The former is old and decrepit, and the latter two have ending loans. Aristeguieta was a waste of a DP despite being our top scorer.


  • Richie Marquez, Ryan Albright, Aaron Rangel, Zach Pfeffer – They might stay, as their cap hits aren’t bad and they might be useful, but they might be pushed out by better players.

Definitely In:

  • Andre Blake, one of the cornerstones of the roster and the failsafe.
  • Misael Casanova, a developmental goalkeeper who can fill in as needed
  • Andrew Jean-Baptiste and Ethan White, who I don’t want to start as much, but are good depth options at CB.
  • Jimmy Bell and Draymond Washington – They did well at FB and are cheap and American.
  • Bryan Gerzicich, Tiago Dutra, and Austin Berry – Who I think can be the core of our midfield.
  • Tranquillo Barnetta, Cristian Maidana, and Hernan Hechalar – Despite the attack not being too hot, I still think they can be useful players.

December Waiver Draft

We only selected one player, goalkeeper Alec Kann, formerly of Chicago Fire:


He’s not great but he only costs $65K and seems serviceable.

MLS Re-Entry Draft (Stage One)

(In order of selection)


Leonardo really impressed me when we played against him last year and he has a good string of attributes. He isn’t a foreign player because he has American nationality, which is nice. I think he’ll really improve our back line for a reasonable fee.


The wonderfully named Calum Mallace. He is American too, so not an International Player. He’ll be good for replacing Brian Carroll, I think. Very reasonable salary, too.2016-03-08_00004

He may or may not make the team but I thought he was the best player left out of the remaining players.

MLS Re-Entry Draft (Stage Two)

There was only rubbish left, so I declined to pick anyone.

MLS SuperDraft

(In order of selection)



You don’t get a full picture of each player’s abilities before you pick them so they seemed a lot better than they’d end up being, but I still think I picked up some useful contributors to the team.

Transfers Outside MLS Mechanisms


Dennis Flores is a free transfer from Leon. He should slot in as a backup AMC.2016-03-08_00011

Joel Sonora on loan from Boca Juniors. He’ll play on the right as I move Tranquillo Barnetta to the left due to an outgoing transfer.2016-03-08_00012

Danny Barbir on loan from West Brom. He has ridiculously good physical stats and should pair nicely with Leonardo.2016-03-08_00014

Pablo Hernandez from Celta for $900K (Designated Player), he’s 31, but he’s still really good and will act as our focal point at AMC. I’m going to move Hechalar to striker to accomodate him.

Outgoing Transfers

  • I traded Andrew Wenger to Los Angeles for their 1st and 3rd round picks in the 2017 Superdraft. I was going to cut him anyway so this is a great bargain.
  • I also traded Austin Berry to Toronto for their 1st in the 2017 Superdraft. That means I’ll have 3 1st round picks. I wanted to keep Berry but he’s already 27 so retraining him will be a pain, and I’d rather have the first.
  • I sold Cristian Maidana to Colon for $900K. He only had one year left on his deal and I didn’t want to resign him.

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