Don’t Tread On Us #9 – Season 2 Preparation

After being tread on last season, let’s make sure that doesn’t happen again by reinforcing the squad. First, let’s take a look at the roster.

Definitely Out:

  • Zac McMath, who would definitely be in if it wasn’t for the prior GM making a stupid deal with Colorado, so out he goes for the paltry sum of $150,000.
  • Brian Sylvestre, his loan is ending, no need to renew it
  • Jimmy Ockford, rubbish, I made a mistake.
  • Maurice Edu, DPs should not be benchwarmers.
  • Eric Bird, rubbish
  • Andrew Wenger and C.J. Sapong, they’re not good fits for what I want to do and they want too much money
  • Conor Casey, Andrija Novakovich, and Fernando Aristeguieta – The former is old and decrepit, and the latter two have ending loans. Aristeguieta was a waste of a DP despite being our top scorer.


  • Richie Marquez, Ryan Albright, Aaron Rangel, Zach Pfeffer – They might stay, as their cap hits aren’t bad and they might be useful, but they might be pushed out by better players.

Definitely In:

  • Andre Blake, one of the cornerstones of the roster and the failsafe.
  • Misael Casanova, a developmental goalkeeper who can fill in as needed
  • Andrew Jean-Baptiste and Ethan White, who I don’t want to start as much, but are good depth options at CB.
  • Jimmy Bell and Draymond Washington – They did well at FB and are cheap and American.
  • Bryan Gerzicich, Tiago Dutra, and Austin Berry – Who I think can be the core of our midfield.
  • Tranquillo Barnetta, Cristian Maidana, and Hernan Hechalar – Despite the attack not being too hot, I still think they can be useful players.

December Waiver Draft

We only selected one player, goalkeeper Alec Kann, formerly of Chicago Fire:


He’s not great but he only costs $65K and seems serviceable.

MLS Re-Entry Draft (Stage One)

(In order of selection)


Leonardo really impressed me when we played against him last year and he has a good string of attributes. He isn’t a foreign player because he has American nationality, which is nice. I think he’ll really improve our back line for a reasonable fee.


The wonderfully named Calum Mallace. He is American too, so not an International Player. He’ll be good for replacing Brian Carroll, I think. Very reasonable salary, too.2016-03-08_00004

He may or may not make the team but I thought he was the best player left out of the remaining players.

MLS Re-Entry Draft (Stage Two)

There was only rubbish left, so I declined to pick anyone.

MLS SuperDraft

(In order of selection)



You don’t get a full picture of each player’s abilities before you pick them so they seemed a lot better than they’d end up being, but I still think I picked up some useful contributors to the team.

Transfers Outside MLS Mechanisms


Dennis Flores is a free transfer from Leon. He should slot in as a backup AMC.2016-03-08_00011

Joel Sonora on loan from Boca Juniors. He’ll play on the right as I move Tranquillo Barnetta to the left due to an outgoing transfer.2016-03-08_00012

Danny Barbir on loan from West Brom. He has ridiculously good physical stats and should pair nicely with Leonardo.2016-03-08_00014

Pablo Hernandez from Celta for $900K (Designated Player), he’s 31, but he’s still really good and will act as our focal point at AMC. I’m going to move Hechalar to striker to accomodate him.

Outgoing Transfers

  • I traded Andrew Wenger to Los Angeles for their 1st and 3rd round picks in the 2017 Superdraft. I was going to cut him anyway so this is a great bargain.
  • I also traded Austin Berry to Toronto for their 1st in the 2017 Superdraft. That means I’ll have 3 1st round picks. I wanted to keep Berry but he’s already 27 so retraining him will be a pain, and I’d rather have the first.
  • I sold Cristian Maidana to Colon for $900K. He only had one year left on his deal and I didn’t want to resign him.

Don’t Tread On Us #8 – End of Season Push

The Matches

San Jose Earthquakes 0, Philadelphia Union 2



This was a big surprise, considering we were without Andre Blake and Tranquillo Barnetta due to international call-ups, and San Jose striker Innocent Emeghara is 5th in goals with 14. I tweaked the player instructions so wide midfielders would cross more. Aristeguieta was clattered by Fatai Alashe in the box, and Hechalar converted the penalty. In the second half, Sapong tucked in to receive a cross from Maidana to double the lead. Somehow, we held as San Jose attacked us and our poor passing at time led to easy counterattacking opportunities for them.

Philadelphia Union 3, Columbus Crew 1



Two wins in a row! Cristian Maidana was the star of the show, picking up a hat trick of assists as he was deadly crossing from the left side. Even with our home advantage Columbus Crew are the best team in MLS at the moment, as they’re top of the table, and a win here is a huge surprise. Jack McInerney was unmarked on a free kick and scored early, and it looked like they would dominate us when we gave away a penalty, but Blake saved it and that was the turning point.

Philadelphia Union 0, Houston Dynamo 3


Nothing else to say here, we sucked. We gave away an early penalty, DaMarcus Beasley showed some of his former winger skill dribbling in and scoring, and our center backs played poorly, and our attack didn’t fight back.

New England Revolution 1, Philadelphia Union 1


Based on the stats, New England probably should have won. Bunbary got free on the left flank and sent in a cross which Agudelo headed in. Our goal came when Maidana sent in a cross from the left, Barnetta took a shot which Shuttleworth saved, but Giles Barnes knocked it back into the net.

Toronto FC 4, Philadelphia Union 1


There’s a rumor that at one point this one was close. I fucking hate Jozy Altidore, this is the second hat trick he’s scored against me in FM. He fucking blows. I also had to sub Ethan White and C.J. Sapong due to shitting the bed, and White’s replacement was even worse, as you can see from the 4.7 in this screenshot.

New York Red Bulls 0, Philadelphia Union 1


It wasn’t the prettiest of games, but we defended well and Andrew Wenger got open to score the only goal of the match.

MLS Standings – 33 Matches



I thought we weren’t eliminated from playoff contention yet, but Games Won is the first tiebreaker so we’re out, lame.

Philadelphia Union 2, Orlando City 2



We don’t deserve to make it anyway if we can’t beat the 20th ranked team at home. We pushed and pushed and pushed but couldn’t find a third goal to take the win.

Final Table



Due to our performance (or lack of it), we get the third pick of each round in the MLS Superdraft.

Columbus defeats Colorado (!) 3-1 in the final to win.

Stay tuned as I overhaul the squad for season 2!

Don’t Tread On Us #7 – Through August (Season 1)

The Matches

D.C. United 0, Philadelphia Union 0


I’m going to show the lineups now, because why not? Also it might be interesting to you to see how other teams line up. It was another bore draw. Hechalar has been a disappointment so far, not really providing to the attack, but at least we didn’t concede.

Philadelphia Union 0, New York Red Bulls 1


This match was on its way to being another draw but Ethan White got a high-foot challenge call against him in the box and BWP converted the resulting penalty. I’m starting to think a countering style isn’t really that good for our team, we have slower but more technical players, I’ll see about installing a more possession-oriented style.

Orlando City 0, Philadelphia Union 0


I changed to a 4-4-1-1 that’s oriented on possession, and we’re still learning it. We played close to the edge, and it almost burned us, as Warren Creavalle got caught out of position and conceded a penalty recovering. Thankfully Le Toux sent the penalty wide, but our continued lack of attacking prowess resulted in another draw against the worst team in MLS.

Philadelphia Union 1, Chicago Fire 0


It wasn’t pretty but our first goal in an age gave us our first win since the Toronto game. Tranquillo Barnetta won the ball high up the pitch and played a one-two with Maidana to get into position to score. Chicago regularly got into dangerous positions but could only put one shot on target, which wasn’t enough.

Montreal Impact 1, Philadelphia Union 1


We can never seem to keep momentum going, and this was a good opportunity to. Montreal took the lead when Victor Cabrera beat Tranquillo Barnetta in the air on a free kick and headed it in. Tiago Dutra equalized from deep on a corner. Our passing is still shaky, and when we did get in the final third late in the match we couldn’t capitalize.

Philadelphia Union 0, New England Revolution 0



We did well to hold an upper-table team to a draw, but we could have gotten more.

MLS Standings – End of August


With only 7 matches left to play, we’re probably not going to make the playoffs. I just hope I don’t get fired because of it.


  • For some reason Tiago Dutra counts as a US citizen now “after living there for five years”, despite only being here this year, not close to five years. Maybe it simulated him getting his green card since green card holders count as domestics, but then he shouldn’t be able to play for the US.

Don’t Tread On Us #6 – Second Half Kickoff Special, Season 1

The Matches

Philadelphia Union 1, New York City FC 1


Once again, a draw. We have to dig ourselves out of a hole after Poku runs free to score an early goal. Warren Creavalle sends a once-in-a-blue-moon good cross into the box for Wenger to score and equalize. (Creavalle is great defensively, but doesn’t really do anything going forward.) We have more opportunity, but can’t capitalize and that’s our 11th draw of the season.

US Open Cup 4th Round – Pittsburgh Riverhounds 1, Philadelphia Union 0


“Rest your players!” They said. “Play some of your marginalized players!” They said. “Throw in some of your youth!” They said. “It’ll be fun!” We played like shit, and now we’re the laughingstocks of the state.

Los Angeles Galaxy 1, Philadelphia Union 0


It was a dull match, their CB Leonardo scored the only goal. Nothing really much to say.

Philadelphia Union 1, Seattle Sounders 3


Obafemi Martins ate our lunch, and Jimmy Bell gave up a bad penalty. We came out flat again and Seattle were really good.

Philadelphia Union 0, Montreal Impact 1


More dullness, and more losing. We had more chances than them, but couldn’t do anything with them. Aristeguieta was playing like crap, so loan signing Andrija Novakovich made his debut as a sub, and he wasn’t too inspiring either.

Philadelphia Union 0, Portland Timbers 3


Portland is a good team but we’re better than this! I tried switching to a 4-4-2 and it didn’t work well either.

Toronto FC 0, Philadelphia Union 1


Andre Blake made his return from injury and coincidentally we pick up our first road win of the season. Sapong scored the only goal from point blank range, from a cross by Barnetta. Tiago Dutra played very well and Aaron Rangel didn’t embarrass himself this time. Giovinco had a goal disallowed.

MLS Standings


We have a lot of work to do if we’re to get into a playoff spot.

Tactical Shakeup: 4-4-2

Here’s the new 4-4-2 I’m changing to:


The goal is to stay safe and wait for the break, then take advantage of it. Our center backs are the weakest part of our team so I need to protect them as much as possible.



  • Steven Vitoria was told to fuck off back to Benfica, freeing up $400k in cap space and an international slot.


Andrija Novakovich, on loan from Swansea who bought him from Reading


When I originally moved to take him in on loan because my striker depth was crap, Reading had him, but they sold him to Swansea. I have to pay more wage contribution because of that, and he’s gotten injured, so it remains to be seen how he can provide a spark in our attack.

Hernan Hechalar, bought from Medellin for $91K


Hechalar is a real bargain, he can play up top or on the left, I think he’ll be a dynamic presence for us. He’s only 26, too!

Jimmy Ockford, traded $75K in allocation to Seattle for


Not much to say about this one, $75K is the minimum offer I could make and he’ll fit in the rotation, although I’d like to replace him with a future draft pick.

Don’t Tread On Us #5 – Season 1, Matches 11-16



  • Waived John McCarthy, third string goalkeeper who was on a reserve contract.


  • Signed two Academy players to reserve contracts:


The Matches

Philadelphia Union 2, Toronto FC 2


Our center backs made crucial mistakes leading to goals, leaving Jozy Altidore and his laughably bad off the ball score of 7 to get free and head one in to take the lead, then Jean-Baptiste concedes a penalty which Giovinco nails to make it 2-0. Aristeguieta scores a great shot from the top of the box to give us a shout, and Jean-Baptiste redeems himself to help us get another draw.

Vancouver Whitecaps 3, Philadelphia Union 3


JUST FUCK OFF FM! Aristeguieta scored a brace and is encouraging with his recent form, but how do we completely shit the bed the final ten minutes?

Philadelphia Union 3, D.C. United 0


In which I learn from my mistakes and don’t sub Creavalle off for Gaddis. Fuck Gaddis, I’m going to waive him ASAP. Aristeguieta continues his newfound form and Gerzicich scores a nice direct free kick goal to put the icing on the cake, and we don’t fucking blow the lead this time! Only our second win!

New York Red Bulls 3, Philadelphia Union 2


Sapong’s goal gave us the early lead but Gonzalo Veron killed us with his pace and netted a hat trick. We came back and had a chance to salvage a draw but ran out of time. Aaron Rangel made his debut as a sub, and finally Aristeguieta stopped scoring.

D.C. United 0, Philadelphia Union 0


We played some good stuff but couldn’t take our chances well. Nothing really to speak about.

Philadelphia Union 0, Columbus Crew 0


Our dull run continues. We should’ve been carved up but somehow we survive, and we didn’t have enough going forward.

MLS Table – After 16 Matches


We’re a bit unlucky to be down this far, things haven’t really shaken up so far. The season is almost half-over, we’re running out of time and there won’t be a magic fix in the form of a new player.


  • Ray Gaddis always screws me every time I field him, so I traded him to Houston for their 2nd round pick in the 2016 Superdraft.
  • Aristeguieta was on fire but he cooled off, I need him to rediscover his form.
  • Zach Pfeffer is back from his hamstring injury, I need him to challenge Maidana.
  • Designated Players really shouldn’t be benchwarmers *glares at Edu*, but to be fair to him, he’s been injured for a while. Still, Gerzicich and Carroll have been playing so well, Edu and Dutra have been shut out.

Don’t Tread On Us #4 – Season 1, Matches 5-10

The Matches

Sporting Kansas City 0, Philadelphia Union 0


Another tough result to take, especially against another struggling team. It was very dull, with not a lot of chances. I’m getting tired of this, so I’m changing the BWM – D to a BBM – S to try to get some more action going forward.

Philadelphia Union 2, New York City FC 0


When Americans (or anyone else) talk of MLS’s physicality, this is what they’re talking about. We came ready to a brawl, and NYCFC came unprepared, featuring a central midfield duo in a 4-4-2 consisting of Pirlo and Lampard. Gerzicich was both hero and goat, scoring when Maidana laid off a free kick to him and he sent a belter past N’Djock. Soon after, he was sent off for a disgustingly foul tackle on Patrick Mullins. Barnetta added another goal despite us being shorthanded and we picked up our first win! Pirlo also broke his foot in this match, so he’ll be out for a while. David Villa caught us on the counter a lot but couldn’t take his chances.

New York City FC 0, Philadelphia Union 0


Due to an odd scheduling quirk, we play each other again immediately after. They would be without Pirlo because of his broken foot, we would be without Gerzicich because of his red card. We struggled more than last time, and like last time, Villa had his chances but missed. We couldn’t score, and it was another draw, but at least it’s another point.

Philadelphia Union 2, New England Revolution 2


Very disappointing, considering we were performing well, and Aristeguieta finally got on the board, scoring a brace. Teal Bunbury undid all our hard work, being responsible for both of New England’s goals (even if the second is credited to Blake) as the supersub. We were lucky to draw, but we should have won.

Columbus Crew 2, Philadelphia Union 2


Just call me an artist, because I really know how to draw! Columbus really ate our lunch, creating lots of chances. Ethan Finlay scored when he was unmarked on a free kick and cut in towards goal. Kei Kamara used his pace and jumping ability to score on a corner. We probably should have lost, but great goals from Gerzicich and Wenger salvage a draw away. I’d really like to win, though!

MLS Standings After 10 Matches


We’re still in the Wild Card slots, but I know that we can do better.


  • Telling Steven Vitoria and Fernando Aristeguieta to go fuck off back to where they came from is a really easy decision to make after this season. Vitoria makes way too much money to ride pine, and Aristeguieta isn’t worth a DP slot.
  • Having Fabinho back makes things a lot better, and Draymond Washington too.
  • I need better finishing.

Don’t Tread On Us #3 – Season 1, Matches 1-4

The first season of any FM save is rough, hopefully I can get through it!

Philadelphia Union 2, Colorado Rapids 2


We went down early and were lucky to come back and get a draw. I think we started player after I switched from Standard to Attacking. Draymond Washington came on much sooner than I anticipated since Fabinho fractured his arm and had to come off. Thankfully he can play through it. We kept hitting them on the counter and I think we would have scored a third if we had more time. Tranquillo Barnetta and Cristian Maidana shined.

Real Salt Lake 1, Philadelphia Union 0


Wow, we played like crap. We were flat all-around, and RSL had us well-beaten down the flanks, but weren’t really threatening. They only scored late on a set piece. I’m going to tick up the fluidity a bit to try to get the wingers to help out on the flanks. I also need to get my players more involved in pressing and tackling.

In the meantime, I won the Allocation Draw for Jimmy Bell.


He looks good physically, but that’s all he has, and has the dreaded Shoots From Distance PPM. He’s on a Generation Adidas contract, though, so he won’t count against the cap, and he’ll provide depth at right back.

Philadelphia Union 1, FC Dallas 1


Ah, this is so frustrating! I didn’t realize FC Dallas had so many opportunities until after the game, I thought we were dominating at first. A nice play by Tranquillo Barnetta crossing the ball to Andrew Wenger gave us the lead, but they instantly equalized and we’re still without a win.

Chicago Fire 1, Philadelphia Union 0


Chicago are doing surprisingly well in the league, and it’s away, but I still felt disappointed to come away with this result considering how well we were playing, we just couldn’t convert those opportunities into goals. Mike McGee scored immediately after coming on, before my instructions could come into effect.

Current Standings


We’re not doing so hot but there’s still plenty of time to turn things around.


  • Draymond Washington has played well, so it’s sad that he came down with an injury and missed the last two games. Thankfully Gaddis can play LB too so I moved him to that rotation since Creavalle outplayed him at RB.
  • Tiago Dutra has been a bit disappointing but I’m hoping it’s because he’s still adjusting.
  • Speaking of adjusting, my team still needs to learn the tactics!
  • I need to improve at AML and ST, my strikeforce is putrid and Wenger/Sapong aren’t inspiring on the left. I also need an AMR to rotate with Barnetta, Sapong might be that guy but I’m not sure.
  • Steven Vitoria and Maurice Edu have been outplayed by Ethan White and Andrew Jean-Baptiste. Sad, although to be fair, Edu isn’t really a CB.
  • My academy doesn’t look inspiring so far.

Don’t Tread On Us #2 – Union Tactics and Transfers

I’ve decided to name this series Don’t Tread On Us, after the phrase Don’t Tread On Me on the Gadsden Flag, which the Union logo references.



(Yes, you can see some new players in this screenshot, so it’s kind of a spoiler! We’ll get to them later, trust me.)

I’ve never really played a 4-2-3-1 successfully before but I think this team is set up well for one, with hold-up strikers, an abundance of wingers, and not as many central midfielders. I have the left back push up to provide support for the inside forward, while the right back stays back for defensive support. There aren’t many team instructions, it’s just a standard formation. I’ll adjust based on how it plays. I also set up a 4-4-2 as an alternate tactic, as my roster construction is committed to the two man CM pairing without a DM to back them up.



As you can see, not a lot of change, although not totally stagnant.


Vincent Nogueira, $1.3m basic, $1m in potential add-ons

Nogueira looked like he would be nailed-on into one of the CM slots, but Rennes came in for him, and I figured I could get a player who is about as good. Plus, it would free up $325k in cap space. I get $650k in allocation out of the deal too.

Waived – Jimmy McLaughlin, Fred (no, not that one [no, not that one either!]), Sebastian Le Toux

McLaughlin and Fred were dregs of the roster, and Fred cleared an international slot too. Le Toux, despite being American, had a massive contract and I needed to clear some space. Besides, he’s 31 and not great, so I was going to end up releasing him next year if not this year. Le Toux was the only player drafted in the Waiver Draft; Orlando City selected him.


Tiago Dutra


He’ll be on $325k a year, basically a direct replacement for Nogueira, but he’s 4 years younger too and stronger and quicker. Not as defensive as I would’ve hoped but still a good midfielder for this level. Amazingly he only has 16 first-team appearances in his career. Sadly, he insisted on a $2.1m release clause to sign, but if we get that I won’t be too disappointed.

Andrew Jean-Baptiste


He’s on a $50k/a reserve contract. He was a budding star a few years back but fell short of the mark IRL. He’ll be in the CB rotation.

Bryan Gerzkich


One of the few Americans who has never played in MLS. Until now, that is. He’s on $130k/a, which is an amazing deal for a player of this level. He’s 30, so he won’t be here for long, but while he is, he’ll play well.

Draymond Washington


Strictly depth to back up Fabinho at LB.

The friendlies are all done! (I skip them, I hate them.) The next update will be the beginning of the regular season. Stay tuned!


Philadelphia Union: An Introduction

This site has laid dormant for so long after the death of my LigaMX save because back then I had no idea how to promote it, but with the Tifo Project coming out I’m going to give it another shot.


(I almost always use Nathan Limior as a pseudonym when playing FM. ‘Nate Limior’ is an anagram for Eliminator, one of my old screen names. I liked it so it stuck, even when I don’t use it. Besides, shylax doesn’t anagram to anything fun.)

The Club

I don’t really know much about the MLS, but I probably know more about it than most reading it. The Philadelphia Union were founded in 2008 and played their first season in 2010. With Chivas USA gone, they along with the Chicago Fire are the main laughingstocks of the MLS. They play poorly, are mismanaged, bad personnel decisions, I’m here to fix that.

The Players – MLS Registration Refresher


(Yes, I’m using $/annum here since it’s a MLS save. Only time I use it.)

When you take over a MLS team in FM, you get an inbox item detailing all the registration rules. Most of the rules are simple, salary cap, max 3 Designated Players (players over the max individual salary), max internationals (typically 8 but we have 7, I’m assuming the previous GM traded one away, hopefully not permanently!), 22 Senior players allowed, 6 Reserve allowed, for a total of 28. Reserve, Homegrown, and Generation Adidas (draft picks signed to higher than usual contracts because of their talent) players are exempt from the salary cap if they are assigned to an Off-Budget slot (GA players can only be registered to Off-Budget slots).

Worryingly, we’re only $100k/a under the salary cap, although we can lower that in two ways. Releasing players (contracts aren’t always guaranteed in MLS, hooray for the ownership side!) and using allocation money, which is money allocated by the league for buying down salaries, increasing the cap, player transfers. No, teams can’t use their own money for these purposes, they can only use money designated by the league.

The Players (For Real this time!)

Designated Players

Maurice Edu


It’s easy to see why he’s a designated player, his salary is $775k/a. Maybe I have to re-adjust my scouting glasses for MLS level, but he doesn’t seem that great. He’s not a bad player, but a DP? He also can’t decide whether he’s a defensive or attacking midfielder, which is a bit worrying. Ostensibly defensive but he has poor technical stats defensively.

Fernando Aristeguieta, on loan from Nantes

2016-03-05_00003I can see you guys rushing to your keyboards now. “Shylax,” you ask, “This guy’s only on $60k a week! Why is he a DP?” The best answer I can see is that he has a future fee of $999K, and in MLS transfer fees are factored into the salary cap. He looks like a target forward, his lack of passing ability is a bit worrying, and we’re never going to pay that future fee.

Notable Non-DPs

Tranquillo Barnetta


“But Shylax,” you ask, “This guy is on $663k/a, why is he not a DP?” The answer is Targeted Allocation Money, a new mechanism that allows teams to sign smaller DP-size players without using a full DP slot on them. He’s a veteran of the Bundesliga, and a very versatile player, he can play on either wing as both a regular and inverted winger.

Andre Blake


He’s still a Generation Adidas player, so he doesn’t count for now, but even if he did, he would be well worth his salary. He’s the replacement for Donovan Ricketts as Jamaican goalkeeper, and he looks like a top sweeper keeper for MLS level. I’m going to hold on to him for as long as possible.

Austin Berry, on loan at Anyang (K-League)


Berry won’t really be a factor this season since he’s out on loan, I wanted to showcase him because he has some really odd attributes that piss me off. He’s a center back, but he plays like a box to box midfielder! If I can retrain him, I think he’d do well, but he’s no center back!

Steven Vitoria, on loan from Benfica


Another player that looks like he should be a DP, but isn’t probably because of TAM. He has good attributes for a CB but is slow, which is a bit worrying. He won’t last long here.

Sebastien Le Toux


He’s the veteran of the squad, but he’s getting a bit long in the tooth. I’ll probably release him before too long.

Vincent Nogueira


He looks like a good fit paired with a more traditional destroyer in a midfield pairing or as a winger.

Cristian Maidana


He looks like he’ll do nicely holding down the fort on the left wing.



Very good left back for MLS level, relatively cheap too. A bit older, but he fits into my present plan.

Brian Carroll


Good American players are gold in MLS, although he’s 33 years old and won’t be here for long. He’s the best pure defensive midfielder here, although he seems to be more suited to a more free-roaming role than as a holder.

That’s it for part 1! Stay tuned for part two as I create tactics for these players!